A few weeks ago, for the release of version 2.3 of the ice cream project, I wanted to give my followers on instagram a chance to make some requests for the November issue. Since several interesting requests came in, I posted one in version 2.3 and combined two of them into the flavor I present today: a tobacco and peat whiskey ice cream!

I admit it would never have occurred to me to make such ice cream, but the more I thought about these flavors, the more I liked the challenge. Think of the scent of tobacco from a good cigar…before it burns eh; or the aroma of an earthy whiskey with smoky notes of caramel and cocoa…got a craving? Then let’s go and see how to make it!

The conception of a tobacco and peat whiskey ice cream

The making of a peat and tobacco whiskey ice cream represents a bold and sophisticated culinary adventure. This unique dessert is not only a treat for the palate, but also an exercise in balance and harmony among complex ingredients.

In this post, I take you with me through the process of conceiving and making ice cream, which you can find in the youtube video incoporated below!

Let’s start with the result I want to achieve and then see how to select the ingredients and balance them.

What do I want to achieve?

The ice cream must have notes of fresh tobacco (obviously so we are not going to burn it, also because we have to eat it), something that reminds me of the smell of cigars.

The whisky, which goes well with tobacco, will have to be felt almost later and I would like it to give smoky but sweet notes, so something reminiscent of caramel, chocolate, vanilla or otherwise dessert scents!

Choice of Tobacco

For tobacco, it is essential to choose a high-quality variety that can impart a rich, ripe flavor to the ice cream without overpowering it. Softer and more aromatic varieties of tobacco are ideal, as they have woody and subtly sweet notes.

It is recommended to use a quality tobacco, ideally organic and dosing cautiously to avoid too intense or bitter taste.

Choice of peat whisky

Peat whiskey, known for its smoky and earthy characteristics, is one of the two main characters in this recipe. The choice of whiskey should lean toward a bottle that presents a balance between peaty notes and a slight sweet undertone, which can go perfectly with the creamy base of the ice cream.

experiment on tobacco peat whiskey ice cream - infusion and gelato

Balancing tobacco ice cream and peat whiskey

For the balance, I started from a white base by infusing tobacco into milk and cream. Tobacco has no impact on the balance, only on the final flavor of the ice cream. So here it is just a matter of adjusting the infusion times and the amount of tobacco, tasting a few samples of the infused liquid before deciding how to proceed.

Using a liqueur such as whiskey in the preparation of ice cream requires some specific precautions to make sure, not only that the flavor is well balanced, but more importantly that the texture of the ice cream remains creamy and smooth, knowing that alcohol lowers its freezing point quite a bit.

  • Modulate the amount: whiskey should be added in moderation. Too much can overpower the other flavors and negatively affect the texture of the ice cream, making it too soft or prevented from freezing properly.
  • Addition time: ideally, whiskey should be added during the whisking process. This allows the alcohol to be incorporated without evaporating completely, maintaining its distinctive flavor and helping to prevent the ice cream from becoming too hard in the freezer.
  • Alcohol and Freezing: because alcohol lowers the freezing point, adding whiskey can make the ice cream less solid. Therefore, we need to balance the sugars accordingly by removing some of the dextrose and using maltodextrins to ballast the mixture.
  • Testing the mixture: before adding whiskey to the ice cream base, I did several flavor infusion tests (hot, cold, with other fats such as butter) with small sample amounts of the base to assess the effect on flavor and adjust accordingly.

Tobacco and peat whiskey ice cream recipe

YouTube video

The recipe for this ice cream is exclusive to Gelato Project supporters and is available starting with version 3.1 of the Gelato Project!

Considering the price of the ebook and the amount of recipes (virtually infinite as it continues to evolve) and the possibility of seeing your wishes fulfilled in subsequent editions, I think there is already enough incentive to become a supporter and download the book now. If not, this recipe should give you the ultimate reason because it really is the bomb! You can read how the gelato project works (and download) here, while below is a schematic that explains it in a simple way 🙂

how does gelato project work and how do I get my requests to be published in the next iteration

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