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An iterative e-book of ice cream recipes



Welcome to CucinaLi & BilanciaLi’s “Gelato Project,” an ice cream recipe book developed iteratively! The book will be constantly evolving, and only supporters of the project (those who purchase it) will be able to request recipes and changes for editions to follow making the e-book a truly customized product!

Last update

  • Currently you can download version v2.3
  • Last update on the 29.11.2023
  • 141 recipes for over 174 pages of content

Next edition before the holidays!

In order to take advantage of the next edition’s recipes for Christmas and New Year’s dinners, version 3.1 will be released around December 20, so you have time to get organized!

Take advantage now to become a supporter!

How does it work?

By purchasing the book (adding it to your cart and completing the checkout) you become a supporter of the project and gain access to the e-book download. Up to this point, like buying an ordinary electronic book.

The downloaded version, however, is not final, but is simply the latest version. The real benefit of supporters is that they can shape subsequent versions using the form on the feedback page to give feedback on the current version and request recipes or suggest changes!

What do you receive with your purchase?

  1. Download access
  2. Access to the feedback form (e-learning area) to make your requests

What recipes can I find there?

Download the latest table of contents of the book here to get an idea of the contents, but it is you with your requests that will determine the future contents that will be added!

How long does the project last

The progress of the book is closely linked to the number of supporters and their participation (via the feedback form). The more the number of supporters grows, the more recipes you will find in each update.

It’s up to you to spread the word by sharing this page on social media and with friends and acquaintances!

Current stage: monthly sprints

We have passed the hot summer phase, so we have moved to a monthly cadence of updates. A new version will then come out at the end of each month!

The earlier you buy the less you spend the more you receive

The advantages of becoming an early supporter are essentially 2

  • You pay less, because as prescriptions increase, the discount on the full price will decrease
  • You can see your requests and ideas for improvement incorporated into the first editions
  • It motivates me to continue because the more supporters there are, the more motivated I am to improve the product

How often do new versions come out

Below is the basic plan: as you see, a new version will come out after each “sprint.” During the summer, the sprints are shorter (biweekly) while then the cadence will become monthly.

Gelato project Timeline

How long do I have access?

Versions are downloadable, so it is not “ephemeral” access. Access and “supporter” status last for 1 year, during which time you can always download the latest version and make requests. After the year has passed, one can re-enroll.

Purpose of the book

The idea to write this book, mainly focused on recipes (and not on ice cream theory) came from a request I received from a user of my blog. This person asked me if it was possible to buy all my recipes as he was not interested in learning how to balance ice cream on his own, but just wanted to be able to create and enjoy ice creams at home. It may sound funny, but I never thought of that!

In this book you will find mostly recipes, as well as a short chapter to guide you on the necessary ingredients (the famous “ice cream powders”) and how to get them.

I have a hundred recipes in the works, but I am waiting for early supporters and their input to proceed with writing the first content!

Frequently asked questions

In which languages the book will be available

Italian & English. At the end of the project I might add other languages.

If you want the english version, read about how to sign up here!

How can I see what recipes you are working on?

Just check the Kanban Board of the Gelato Project on this page, in which you will find the incoming requests, the wish list, the “work in progress” and what is planned for the next edition.

How do I request recipes that I like?

If you are already a supporter of the project just go to the e-learning section and open the Gelato Project to find the feedback form. Requests sent from there automatically end up in the Kanban Board!

What kind of recipes can I find there?

Basically, anything, because I will add what is requested, even recipes that have never been made (if feasible). To give you a concrete idea, I list some recipes you might find there

  • Classic and basic recipes of course: from fior di latte to fruit sorbets, dried fruit pastes (pistachio, hazelnut, almond, …) or variations of cream and cocoa
  • Creative ice creams and sorbets such as butter and jam bread, milk rice, popcorn ice cream
  • Simple gastronomic ice creams such as cheese ice cream (parmesan, taleggio, gorgonzola, …) or the infused sorbets
  • Gastronomic ice creams born from reinterpretations of traditional cuisine such as carbonara ice cream or lasagna ice cream
  • Fried ice creams such as panettone 2.0, shrimp ice cream or fried carbonara
  • Alcoholic ice cream (spritz, gin and tonic, dark beer ice cream, …)
  • Ice cream on sticks plain or covered
  • Granite
  • Vegan ice cream
  • Ice cream with variegations

In short, a vast world all to explore 🙂 Read the posts on updates to know what recipes you’ll find there!

What format are the recipes in?

You can download the Fior di Latte fact sheet here. The recipes will be structured the same way: balancing parameters, ingredients in different weights, and process. Should the recipe be more complex, it will be structured similarly but with the steps of the different preparations.

Format Recipes in Gelato Project – Fior di Latte


Since this is a digital product, there is no possibility of cancellation or refund since it is not possible to prove that the material could not be enjoyed online.

8 reviews for Gelato Project – eBook of evolving ice cream recipes

  1. Giorgia Milanesio (verified owner)

    (Translated from Italian) The recipes are balanced beautifully, an outstanding book and project!

  2. Fabia (verified owner)

    (Translated from Italian) I find the book really convenient, in this period I don’t have much time and finding all these ready-made recipes makes it very easy for me. So far I have tried only 2 classic recipes you know how children are…always those two flavors. I have a request, actually to be honest my daughter asked me if I am able to make her Raphael flavor ice cream like chocolate, would you give me a hand. Thank you

  3. Mario (verified owner)

    (Translated from Italian) The project: a genius, tried classic recipes with great satisfaction. I haven’t downloaded the v1.3 version yet if it would be possible to include the recipe for zuppa inglese and zabaglione flavors. Thank you

  4. Gabriele Cavallari (verified owner)

    (Translated from Italian) The project is getting so intriguing that you are always thinking of new recipe ideas to come up with

  5. Federica (verified owner)

    (Translated from Italian) I am very satisfied with this purchase! It is really useful and interesting even for a beginner like me!

  6. Giulia Garofoli (verified owner)

    (Translated from Italian) I love this project and use the book to make special ice creams to offer at the end of dinner or that I simply feel like eating but being celiac I don’t always find all this variety of flavors around. I also took the course so I could figure out how to make any variations but I have to admit that having these recipes already prepared is a nice convenience! I absolutely love it and each time I look forward to the new version coming out with the new ideas!

  7. Marco (verified owner)

    (Translated from Italian) I find the idea of this book simply brilliant! Never before have I been able to flip through a cookbook, request an addition, and see it published 2 weeks later! Bravo

  8. Serena Menchise (verified owner)

    (Translated from Italian) Fantastic!

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