Free online class on ice cream balancing with BilanciaLi

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In this free course on balancing ice cream with BilanciaLi you will find.

  • A short introduction to ice cream ingredients
  • The basic functions of BilanciaLi
  • Recipes management (create, balance, recalculate, save, print)
  • Ingredient and food cost management (BilanciaLi Gold)
  • Management of bases and neutrals
  • Management of semi-finished products (BilanciaLi Gold)

The course is suitable for those who have downloaded or plan to download BilanciaLi Gold or those who want to approach the world of ice cream and its balancing in a simple and practical way. This course only briefly introduces concepts, covered in depth in #CucinaLiOnline’s ice cream courses

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Happy class 🙂

8 reviews for Free online class on ice cream balancing with BilanciaLi

  1. Dominiek DEVRIESE (verified owner)

    Making ice-cream is alchemy. You made it sound simple and by e-learning you save more time to do what this is all about: making all sorts of Ice Cream.

  2. Andrea Giglio (verified owner)

    Translated from Italian: “Really well-made course. Obviously, the use of Excel is necessary to be able to follow the course step by step. However, even for a novice, this course leads you to achieve excellent results, far better than the myriad of recipes available online. Recommended!”

  3. Fabrizio Ambrosi (verified owner)

    Translated from Italian: “Very professional, and always striving to improve. Thanks to Andrea and his courses and the resources provided, you achieve final products that have nothing to envy from professionals. Thank you.”

  4. MAURIZIO CALGARO (verified owner)

    Translated from Italian: “Extremely intriguing course, it opened up a world to me. I realized that making decent ice cream is not so obvious, but not impossible either.”

  5. Edith Andree M’BESSO (verified owner)

    Translated from Italian: “My experience with Bilanciali is wonderful, I manage to create excellent ice creams. Everyone who has tasted them has been amazed. Thank you.”

  6. Pasquale Gaccione (verified owner)

    Translated from Italian: “It’s an introductory course but at the same time it already gives you the basics to start doing something. Highly recommended to get an idea and then continue with other courses on CucinaLi.”

  7. Massimo (verified owner)

    Translated from Italian: “Excellent introductory course for making ice cream at home, this is the most comprehensive and exhaustive for making good ice cream at home, recommended.”

  8. Filippo Drago (verified owner)

    Translated from Italian: Great explanations on how to use the program

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