BilanciaLi Pro – The Ice Cream Balancer for Professionals


The Pro version of BilanciaLi provides more advanced functions, able to meet the needs of ice cream professionals.

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The Pro version of BilanciaLi is designed for ice cream professionals. It differs from the Home version mainly for the degree of freedom it offers in balancing the parameters of the ice cream. The minimum/maximum values of sugars, fats, slng, total solids, other solids, pac, neutrals, spirits and chopped foods that regulate the balancer have basic values, but are fully adjustable (for sorbets and ice creams separately).
BilanciaLi Pro also provides a functionality for balancing ice cream with respect to its serving temperature, or to balance bases-50, bases-100, bases-150 (etc.) with respect to the percentage of liquids in your mix (instead of its total weight).

Functionalities available in BilanciaLi Pro

Balancing sugars, fats, solids, SLNG, PAC, POD

Basic balancing, available in all versions of BilanciaLi, which consists of indicating to the user whether the parameters of the ice cream are within the reference ranges or not.

Neutral ingredients balancing

For each neutral ingredient available in BilanciaLi or that you will insert, it is possible to indicate the minimum and maximum percentage of its balancing range. These values can be made relative to the total mixture weight or only on the contained liquids.

Balancing of bases

BilanciaLi already contains the average values of generic bases (base-50, base-100, base-150), but it is up to the ice-cream maker to enter his own bases, based on the supplier’s instructions. You can find all the instructions on how to insert a new base in the support section.

Alcohol balancing

BilanciaLi also gives indications on the recommended % of wines, liqueurs and spirits for your sorbets and alcoholic ice cream, also calculating their impact on the AFP (anti-freezing power) and calories per 100g of ice cream.

Balancing chopped foods

The balancing of chopped food does not affect any of the other balancing parameters. These are therefore free fields in which you can enter things like “raisins”, “chocolate bits”, “nuts”, etc. and the respective weight. BilanciaLi will give you information on the recommended %, but the ingredients entered will not affect the PAC or other parameters.

Ingredients divided into categories and Extensible List

There are more than 200 ingredients available out of the box, but the list is extensible and you can add how many you want. Ingredients are divided into the following 7 categories which allow you to keep them organized:

  • Dairy & Eggs
  • Neutrals & Bases
  • Sugars
  • Main Ingredients
  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Alcoholics
  • Chopped food
Automatic loading of balanced bases and saving your own recipes

BilanciaLi already contains balanced basic recipes. In the Home version this function is very useful especially for those who have never made an ice cream and do not know where to start.
In the Pro version, these basic recipes can also be overwritten. Read more in the user manual.

Saving Recipes

Besides being able to use tested basic recipes and overwrite them, the Pro version allows you to save 120 recipes (30 for each profile: ice cream, sorbet, granita, vegan ice cream).

Recalculation function

You just balanced a recipe, but the resulting total weight is not the amount you needed? The “recalculate” button allows you to recompute the weight of each individual ingredient (keeping the balance you set) to match a total weight that you set (e.g. 1kg).

Calculation of calories

Calories are calculated based on the amount of sugar, fat, SLNG, other solids and alcohol in the ice cream. It is therefore an indicative calculation (although quite precise) but has the advantage of not requiring the kcal of each individual ingredient to be indicated.

Calculation of the serving temperature

The calculation of the serving temperature is done according to the ice cream AFP. Thanks to this function, you can balance all your ice creams according to the temperature at which you are going to maintain them.

Overrun calculation

The overrun parameter is configurable (default 33%-35%) for each ice cream type. The balancer will use the value indicated to indicate the final weight of the ice cream.

4 configurable balancing profiles

The min-max ranges of each balancing parameter (sugars, fats, slng, total solids, other solids, pac, neutral ingredients, alcohols and chopped foods) are fully adjustable only in this version of the balancer.
Not only can you save your settings, but there are 4 configuration profiles: ice cream, sorbet, granita, vegan ice cream.

PAC calculators

BilanciaLi also contains 3 simple calculators that allow you to compute the AFP of

  • fat vegetable pastes (based on their sugar and % of fat)
  • sugars (based on the molecular weight of the sugar)
  • chocolate-based pastes (based on the quantity of sugar, cacao butter and dry cacao)

Minimum Requirements

BilanciaLi is an Excel spreadsheet and doesn’t require any installation.
Using “macros” and modern Microsoft Excel functions, it requires a recent version of Microsoft Office to be installed on your computer.

  • On Windows: Microsoft Office 2007 or newer versions
  • On Mac OS: Microsoft Office 2008 or newer versions

BilanciaLi is only supported by Microsoft Office and will not work with Open Office, Google Docs or other spreadsheet readers not listed.
On tablets and smartphones BilanciaLi is not fully functional as macros are not supported.

Free update period

Users can access updates free of charge during 1 year from the purchase date.

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