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The Gold version of BilanciaLi provides the ultimate in the BilanciaLi range!

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Current Version: BilanciaLi Gold v2.3
Last Update: 11.04.2024

The Gold version of BilanciaLi is the best the BilanciaLi line has to offer for professional and home ice cream geeks. Contains all the features already present in the Pro (only available in Italian) but is distinguished by 6 features:

  1. Migrating your data from one version of BilanciaLi Gold to the next [new from version 2.2]
  2. Unlimited recipe management [new from version 2.0]
  3. 9 fully configurable profiles
  4. Managing the food cost of recipes
  5. Printing (in 6 configurable weighings)
  6. The management of semi-finished products (recipes that you can turn into single ingredient)

Free course on Ice Cream Balancing basics

With the free ice cream balancing course you can see the software in action in in-depth demos of all the features. Signup is free 🙂

CucinaLiOnline Ice cream basics online free class with bilanciali 16.9

Functions Available in BilanciaLi Gold

But let’s look in detail, at all the functions available in this version.

Migration of own data (recipes, profiles, ingredients)

It has been one of the most annoying limitations of BilanciaLi Pro to date. Now, with BilanciaLi Gold, you will always be able to migrate your data independently, in seconds, from one version to another.

Version 2.2 of BilanciaLi Gold allows you to migrate your recipes, ingredients and configuration parameters from version 2.1 of BilanciaLi Gold.

No limits and maximum flexibility in recipe management (new)

Starting with version 2.0 of BilanciaLi Gold, recipes are saved differently, allowing maximum flexibility for the user to manage them. Unlike previous versions, the lists are dynamically sorted alphabetically and are not limited to a maximum number.

New recipe management includes commands to save, update, rename a recipe or delete it. In addition, the notes (viewable in the print version) are in the same screen as the balancer, making them useful for saving any important recipe information.

basic recipes management bilanciali gold 2.2

Food cost management and calculation

Configure your currency and add the food cost/kg in the food table. BilanciaLi will show the cost of each ingredient, of the mixture for the selected weight, and also for each weighing in the print layout.

Print recipes

The selected recipe is summarized on an A4 page, including food cost, 6 configurable weighings, recipe notes and balancing parameters so that everything is in a compact and printable layout. A print preview can be seen below. Click on the image to download the PDF version.

Print BilanciaLi gold recipes

Management of semi-finished products

The management of semi-finished products is one of the most advanced functions, very useful especially when you make gastronomic ice creams or process products with different ingredients before adding them to your ice cream recipe. BilanciaLi Gold has an extra configurable profile for managing recipes for semi-finished products. Saved recipes, will appear as individual ingredients in the semi-finished products drop-down menu when you go to balance ice cream recipes using your semi-finished products as ingredients.

Balancing sugar, fat, solids, NFMS, AFP, SP

Basic balancing, consists of indicating to the user whether the parameters of the ice cream they are balancing are correct with respect to the reference values.

Balancing neutrals

For each neutral you can indicate the minimum and maximum percentage and whether the calculation is to be made on the total weight or only on the percentage of liquids.

Balancing bases

The balancer already contains the average values of generic bases (base-50, base-100, base-150), but it will be up to the ice cream maker to enter the values of his or her own bases, based on the supplier’s specifications. Find all the instructions on how to insert a new base in this blog post.

Balancing alcohol

The balancer also gives guidance on the recommended % of wines, spirits and liqueurs for your sorbets and alcoholic ice creams, naturally also calculating their impact on AFP and calories per 100g of ice cream.

Balancing chopped ingredients

The balancing of chopped ingredients does not affect other parameters. So these are free fields in which you can enter “raisins,” “chocolate pieces,” “nuts,” etc. and their respective weights. The balancer will give you guidance on the recommended %, but the ingredients entered will not affect AFP or other parameters.

Ingredients divided into categories and Extensible List

The more than 200 ingredients available are divided into 7 categories. The ingredients table is infinitely extensible in a very simple way, and all values are configurable.

  • Dairy Products & Eggs
  • Neutrals & Bases
  • Sugars
  • Main Ingredients
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Spirits
  • Chopped Ingredients
Automatic loading of balanced bases and unlimited saving of recipes

BilanciaLi already contains balanced basic recipes. This function is very useful especially for those who have never made ice cream and do not know where to start. In the Pro version, these basic recipes can be overwritten, giving the user the ability to save their own recipes and adjust the quantities and ingredients used to their liking.

Saving Recipes

In addition to being able to use proven basic recipes and overwrite them at will, the Gold version allows you to save an unlimited number of recipes

Notes on saved recipes

There is a space in the balancing screen for noting procedures or particularities about the ingredients used for each saved recipe.

Weight recalculation while maintaining balance

Have you just balanced a recipe, but the total amount is not what you needed? The “recalculate” button allows you to recalculate all ingredients (keeping the balance you set) to the new weight (e.g., 1kg).

Indicative calculation of calories

Calories are calculated based on the amount of sugar, fat, NFMS, other solids, and alcohol in the ice cream. It is therefore an approximate calculation (although quite accurate) but has the advantage of not requiring that the kcal of each individual ingredient be stated.

Calculation of serving temperature

The serving temperature calculation is done according to the AFP of the ice cream. With this function, you can balance all your ice creams according to the temperature of your showcase.

Calculation of overrun

The overrun parameter is configurable (default 33%-35%) distinctly for sorbets and ice creams. The balancer will use the indicated value to calculate the final weight of the ice cream.

Balance parameters configurable in 9 profiles

The minimum/maximum values of sugars, fats, nfms, total solids, other solids, afp, sp, neutrals, alcohols, and chopped ingredients adjusting the balancer are fully adjustable.

Not only can you save your settings, but there are 9 configuration profiles: ice cream, sorbet, granita, vegan ice cream, gastronomic ice cream, gastronomic sorbet, fried ice cream, an empty profile, and the profile for semi-finished products. Moreover, the profiles are fully customizable (parameters and profile name). For example, you might decide to reconfigure the profiles for Pacojet or use them to balance variegates, sauces, or other pastries!

Configurable minimums and maximums for each food item

This is one of the latest functions and gives you the ability to balance anything. Each food item present or entered by you can be configured with a minimum % and a maximum %. The balancer will take care of telling you, for each ingredient used, whether you are between the minimum and maximum.

AFP calculators

In addition to balancing ingredients, it is sometimes useful to be able to calculate the AFP of a sugar or semi-finished product that is not yet in the ingredients. BilanciaLi contains 3 simple calculators that can provide you with the AFP of

  • Fatty pastes (based on their amount of sugar and fat)
  • Of the sugars (based on the molecular weight of the sugar)
  • Chocolate-based pastes (based on the amount of sugar, cocoa butter and dry cocoa)

Minimum Requirements

Bilanciali is an Excel spreadsheet and requires no ‘installation.

Making use of “macros” and modern functions of Microsoft Excel requires that a recent version of Microsoft Office be installed on your computer.

  • On Windows or Mac OS: Microsoft Office 2021 or newer versions

Bilanciali is officially supported only by Microsoft Office (listed versions or newer) and will not work with Open Office, Google Docs, or other unlisted spreadsheet readers.

On tablets and smartphones the balancer is not fully functional because macros are not supported.

Free update period

Once the product is purchased, the user can access free updates for 1 year, should new versions come out (updates are not very frequent as the product is very stable).

Important Note: Upgrade is done by downloading the latest version available in the download section of the user area and overwriting the old version. The file remains available for one year, then disappears.

User’s Manual

The best way to understand how to use the software is to sign up for the free course on balancing, in which all the functions of balancing gold are shown in a practical way.

4 reviews for BilanciaLi Gold – Ice cream balancer for pros and homemakers

  1. Laura Mantovani (verified owner)

    Translated from Italian: “I have always used BilanciaLi Pro, but this version is amazing and finally I can print the recipes and manage the food cost in the same file.”

  2. Davide Grillo (verified owner)

    Translated from Italian: “Product with a superb price-quality ratio. I come from the old paper and pen system to balance ice cream recipes. Bilanciali Gold has opened the doors of paradise for me. The recipes have improved, as well as the stability and structure of the ice creams. It’s very easy to use, it allows you to do countless things, even recipes that seemed well balanced with the classic paper and pen system in the end were not. For those who have an ice cream shop, it is a must-have, without thinking too much about it. I add that it works better than many other renowned programs that cost 10 times as much. Highly recommended.”

  3. Manuel P. (verified owner)

    Translated from Italian: “Excellent balancer at a price accessible to everyone, congratulations.”

  4. FaVa (verified owner)

    Translated from Italian: “If you want an ice cream or similar that is always creamy and not a block of material, the starting point is the balance of various ingredients. BilanciaLi is the base you absolutely must have. Its price is definitely a good investment for all the sweet-toothed in the field. Recommended 100%”

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