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Welcome to CucinaLi & BilanciaLi’s “Gelato Project,” a ice cream recipe book developed in an iterative way! Meaning? The ebook will be constantly evolving, and only project supporters (those who purchase it) will be able to request recipes and changes for editions to follow making the e-book a truly customized product!

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See some sample pages of the eBook as snapshots below, or download the book sample with few recipes here to check it out 😉

Gelato Project Sample English 1
Gelato Project Sample English 2
Gelato Project Sample English 3 Recipe Fior di Latte

A book tailored on your desires

In complete transparency, you can check at any time the “Kanban Board” in which you can find the incoming requests, the wish list, the “work in progress” and what is planned for the next edition. You may find requests in both, Italian and English.

If you are already a supporter of the project just go to the e-learning section and open the Gelato Project to find the feedback form. Requests submitted from there automatically end up on the Kanban Board which you can find by clicking on the button below!

Book versions & current content

Take a look at the update posts (in italian) on the gelato project blog!


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Very well structured book, very comprehensive and I can imagine how many great recipes will be added again. Then again considering the various courses on ice cream, which I highly recommend to everyone, that are very comprehensive and allow anyone, even newbies, to be able to create their own ice cream from 0 and learn everything there is to know about the world of ice cream.


My sincerest congratulations Andrea, in addition to being a great cooking enthusiast you are also a great person from another time!


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download your copy

The progress of the book is closely linked to the number of supporters and their participation. The more the number of supporters grows, the greater will be the number of recipes you will find in each update.

Gelato Project EN Sample A4


The progress of the book is closely linked to the growth of supporters and their active participation in the book. To influence the content of upcoming editions, support the project and use the form via the button below to leave your input!