With the Gelato Project ‘s Sprint 9, we have reached an impressive 160 recipes!

I’m new, can I see an extract before I buy?

Certainly, on the product page you will find the table of contents with the complete list of downloadable recipes, an example recipe, the downloadable introductory chapter, and a description of the contents and the project.

What is new in version 3.2?

Several ice creams using goat, sheep, and buffalo products, some new sauces that go well with these ice creams, and a couple more alcoholic ice creams stand out in the latest edition.

New recipes
  • Artisan Ice Cream Recipes
    • Goat fior di latte
    • Hazelnut and honey
    • Buffalo ricotta cheese and honey
    • Sheep ricotta cheese
    • Milk rice
  • Gastronomic Sorbet Recipes
    • Bagna caoda
  • Alcoholic Ice Cream Recipes
    • Alchermes ice cream
    • Negroni sorbet
  • Covers & Variegates
    • Pear, vanilla and ginger sauce
    • Mango variegation
New chapters
  • N/A
Updates and corrections
  • N/A

More shares = more supporters = more recipes!

I remind you as always that if you want more recipes, just spread the word and share the initiative on your socials or by word of mouth with friends and family! I produce recipes depending on your support 😉

Maybe you can start by leaving a review on the product page🙂

The book in other languages?

Gelato Project is of course available in Italian from this page!

The project in brief

The “Gelato Project” is an eBook of ice cream recipes developed iteratively! To wit. The ebook will be constantly evolving, and only project supporters (those who purchase it) will be able to request recipes and changes for editions to follow making the e-book a truly customized product!

By purchasing the book (adding it to your cart and completing the checkout) you become a supporter of the project and gain access to the e-book download.

The downloaded version, however, is not final, but is simply the latest version. The real benefit of supporters is that they can shape subsequent versions using the form on the feedback page to give feedback on the current version and request recipes or suggest changes!

Below you see a summary of how it works. In short, every month an update comes out based on the ice creams you request from me!

how does gelato project work and how do I get my requests to be published in the next iteration

How to become a supporter (buy the book)

The progress of the book is closely linked to the number of supporters and their participation. The more the number of supporters grows, the greater will be the number of recipes you will find in each update.

To purchase the book and thus become a supporter, simply purchase the product from the shop!

How to download the book (if you are already a supporter)

Once you become a supporter, you will have access to the book for 1 full year and then be able to download updates at no additional cost!

The latest version of the book can always be found in the Download section of the user area.

How to request recipes and give feedback (supporters only)

To make your requests (recipes, changes, general feedback) just go to the e-learning section and open the Gelato Project to find the feedback form. Requests sent from there automatically end up in the Kanban Board (explained below) from which I take my cue to continue working on the book!

What is planned in the next versions?

In complete transparency, you can check at any time the “Kanban Board” of the project in which you can find the incoming requests, the wish list, the “work in progress” and what is planned for the next edition.

What will be in the next versions? This is for you to decide 🙂 I will just try to fulfill most of your wishes, consistent with the idea of the book 😉

Do you like the book? Do you like the project?

Let me know by leaving a review on the product page– it’s the best way to show me your appreciation 🙂

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