On this page you will find the services and collaborations offered by CucinaLi, and at the bottom of the page you will find a form to contact me.

Media Kit

Last update: May 2021

Presence in the Media (Radio, TV, Newspaper/Magazines)


CucinaLi offers various services, such as cooking classes (pre-organized, but also for firms, team building, and bachelorette parties), home chef service (chef @ home), or ice cream balancing services (via BilanciaLi software).

1) Cooking Classes (in person & online)

Check the course schedule from the“Shop>” menu (mostly in italian)

2) Chef at Home

Take a look at all the details in the Chef at Home Service in Ticino and Zurich section!

3) Ice Cream Software

The secret to good homemade ice cream is the use of quality raw material, method, and a balanced recipe. BilanciaLi, my ice cream balancing software, will allow you to create spoon-proof recipes, find out all the details on the balancer page!

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4) Online Shop

Check out the brands I work with, such as Anova and FoodSaver for CBT (low-temperature vacuum) cooking or Magimix for homemade ice cream and the machines you can buy at reduced prices through my shop!


CucinaLi offers a series of proven collaborations. Take a look at the modalities below and contact me via the form below. I will try to respond to you as soon as possible.

1) Recipes with your own products

Do you have a food product that you would like me to try my hand at creating new recipes with?


2) Sponsorship of Contests

The first two editions of the #ContestCucinaLi attracted more than 300 cooks (including foodbloggers, housewives, professional cooks or simple cooking lovers), giving the respective sponsors a fair amount of visibility through my channels.

Interested in sponsoring a prize for one of the upcoming contests?

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Past Editions

3) Guest-Post

Do you have a blog or magazine that you want me to write for?

A few examples of guest-posts I have written for, or for (in German)

4) CucinaLi & Friends

Are you passionate about Cooking and would like to write about to get some publicity? Go check out the CucinaLi & Friends section!

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CucinaLi already collaborates with a growing community of enthusiasts and bloggers.

Here are the latest posts in the column. You can see them all from the CucinaLi & Friends section

    5) Other requests

    I am open to other types of collaboration; please send me your idea!

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      Feedback and Questions

      I am constantly trying to improve the blog and recipes. Your suggestions are therefore welcome. For “hands-off” feedback go ahead and use the form, otherwise, if you have 2 minutes to spare, you can answer 5 questions on this page.

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