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Do you want to plan a special dinner without going to a restaurant, but not even lifting a finger in the kitchen? We decide the menu together, I do the shopping, cook for you and your guests and leave the kitchen as I found it 😉 The service is active for the cantons of Ticino & Zurich.

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Chef at Home (#Cucinaliathome)

At your home

The home chef service is designed for those who want to spend a different evening, in the comfort of their own home, with their friends …and without lifting a finger in the kitchen.

It is enough for me to know

  • The equipment level of your kitchen
  • The spaces available for cooking
  • The number of guests and any restrictions on food (allergies, intolerances, preferences)

After that I propose a couple of menus (4 to 6 courses generally) trying to use only seasonal and “low-mileage” ingredients.

Once the menu is agreed upon, I do the shopping, prepare in advance what takes too much time, come over, cook, and leave the kitchen as I found it!

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team building

Culinary team building

Is there a better way to solidify a healthy work environment than by cooking together, having a good meal together, perhaps accompanied by a good wine?

Hands-on option

The course format calls for maximum participation by the group, which is divided into small brigades, each of which is responsible for preparing a course.

“Clean hands” option

The format of this course allows participants to enjoy the recipe without having to cook but simply watching the chef cook, asking questions and taking notes.

“Sous-chef” option


In this type of course, the group is never divided. The chef cooks in show cooking mode and from time to time delegates tasks to group members, who then have the opportunity to cook portions of the menu by acting as “sous-chefs.”

Theme Courses

In addition to organizing a cooking class involving the preparation of a seasonal menu, it is also possible to cover specific topics such as ice cream, street food, or sous-vide cooking.

Other Ideas?

Do you have a specific idea for a culinary event and don’t know how to implement it? Let’s talk about it!


What do my clients say?


“I had a wonderful evening.”

“Good dishes, simple to cook, but impressive. Nice cook and willing to answer questions. Ice cream class very interesting, and the meringue ice cream was really divine!!!”



“Absolutely must try!”

“The cook is not only very good in the kitchen but also very nice and helpful. He fit in great with a group of four girls and it was very pleasant to spend the evening in his company.



I can’t believe we prepared all these delicious dishes.”

So glad to know CucinaLi and Andrea! It was absolutely warm, friendly and instructive evening thanks to Andrea’s professional guidance and the team spirit of the group. 👏



Professional, friendly, discreet and excellent chef

“Thank you CucinaLi for giving us a nice evening with friends, enjoying a great dinner, without having to think about anything, from the comfort of our home!”


Special requests and gifts

A special gift?

If your kitchen is spacious enough, a simple dinner party can also be transformed into an ad-hoc cooking class within the walls of your home.

Contact me and tell me about what you would like to learn and I will set the course and menu according to your preferences!

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