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It’s finally out, yes also in its English version! Read about the Gelato Project and how to download my “living” iterative book full of gelato recipes!

Gelato Project EN Carusel

It’s been in my todo list since long time! I now officially started to translate CucinaLi in English!

cucinali in english

For now I started translating the “pillar” articles on gelato, which you’ll find linked below or clicking on “Blog” in the menu!

The top-recipes will follow.. and soon also BilanciaLi Gold will be available in English!

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BilanciaLi Gold is finally ready! The version that completes the BilanciaLi (Home & Pro) range by adding functions that so many had requested in the past: food cost calculation and management, recipe printing (in 6 weighings with balancing values) and semi-finished goods management!

All the functions of BilanciaLi have been packaged into a free course on balancing (in italian)! The course is useful if you want to evaluate the product before buying or if you simply want to approach the gelato-world but without having to pay anything 😉 it’s free!

BilanciaLi Gold

Take a free tour of CucinaLi’s online courses!

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