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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the English version of BilanciaLi Gold and our accompanying online ice cream balancing class to learn the art of ice cream making, now available for gelato enthusiasts worldwide!

Introducing BilanciaLi Gold: your best friend in ice cream making

BilanciaLi Gold, the crown jewel of the BilanciaLi line, is now accessible to a global audience. This advanced software is designed to cater to both professional and home ice cream makers who are passionate about crafting the perfect ice cream. With BilanciaLi Gold, users enjoy unlimited recipe management, 9 fully configurable profiles, food cost management, detailed printing options, and the ability to manage semi-finished products. This version stands out by offering a level of sophistication and flexibility unmatched by its predecessors (BilanciaLi Home and Pro, only available in Italian), ensuring that your ice cream creations are not only delicious but also cost-effective and efficiently managed.

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The Gelato Project in English is finally out!

The Gelato Project is an innovative, ever-evolving eBook tailored for both gelato enthusiasts and professionals, where you’re not just buying a recipe book, but becoming part of a culinary journey that grows every month. Unique in its approach, it allows supporters to request specific gelato recipes, and these suggestions are integrated into the eBook regularly, making it a custom-fit collection for its readers.

Read more about the Gelato Project and how to download it!

Gelato Project EN Carusel

It’s been in my todo list since long time! I now officially started to translate CucinaLi in English!

cucinali in english

For now I started translating the “pillar” articles on gelato, which you’ll find linked below or clicking on “Blog” in the menu!

The top-recipes will follow.. and soon also BilanciaLi Gold will be available in English!

Stay tuned and follow my Telegram channel to avoid missing the big news 😉

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Gelato Project v3.2

Gelato Project v3.2

With the Gelato Project 's Sprint 9, we have reached an impressive 160 recipes! I'm new, can I see an extract before I buy? Certainly, on the product page you will find the table of contents with the complete list of downloadable recipes, an example recipe, the...

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